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Wehave madeevry attempt tot out the most frequently asked questions for your easy reference. For any further enquiries, please call the relevant centre of your intended study.


1. What is the speciality of CQ Breyer group of colleges ?
CQ breyer group of colleges not only provides the essential skills in their chosen field but also a positive thinking mind set to engage in positive actions.
2. What is the assurance for the quality of CQ Breyer students ?
Breyer students secure instant employability due to their positive and confident approach in their thoughts and actions coupled with god communication skills.
3. What employability skills do students acquire at CQ Breyer ?
During their 2-3 years of studies, CQ Breyer students acquire soft skills such as:

• computer competency skills such as Microsoft office,
• Employability skills such as interview techniques and resume writing
• Professional communication skills,
• Basic Labour law,
• Basic entrepreneurial skills,
• project management skills,
• positive thinking and
• social communication skills
4. What is the difference between Academic Diploma programme and Skills Diploma Programme ?
The Skills Diploma programme is based on 80% attendance, preparation of portfolio and exhibiting proficiency in performing a given task/s. There are minimum academic examinations.
5. What kind of college life do CQ Breyer students enjoy ?
The cultural and skills clubs organise regular community service, personality development and cultural activities. Study tours, seminars and talks are also arranged to expose student to the latest and current market trends in their field of study. Numerous sports events are also organised by the colleges.
6. What accommodation assistance is given to students from outside the Klang valley ?
The college student welfare officer will ensure that outstation students are well settled in their accommodation and regular counselling is done to ensure the student is comfortable in Kuala Lumpur.
7. What type of accommodation facilities is available for CQ Breyer Students ?
Accommodation facilities are available for all outstation students. The rent is reasonable and within budget according to students' needs and aspirations. The accommodation is subject to tight security and discipline.
8. What  types of financial assistance can students seek ?
Students may apply for student loans from Employment Provident Fund(EPF), SOCSO, Muamalat, MIED, various Yayasans and (Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK)
9. How does CQ Breyer assist students who have financial difficulties to complete their studies?
The Loan officers will arrange the documents that students need to apply for any loan facility. The Loan officer will assist in the processing of all loan documents to PTPK.
10. Can all students work while studying?
All students may seek employment in the related field after or before college hours to apply their skills and to obtain valuable work experience.
11. What is OJT (On Job Training) or Internship?
It is compulsory for all diploma level students to undertake a minimum of 3 months On Job Training in the industry supervised by the college to analyse the capability of students before their final examination.
12. Can the college assist student to obtain OJT?
Places for the industrial training or OJT may be selected by the individual student or the college but must be under the supervision of the college authorities and all documentation requirements of JPK must be complied with. The college also has several MOUs with reputed companies to provide OJT to CQ Breyer students. The CQ Breyer Job Placement Office handles all matters regarding OJT.
13. What is Dual Certification?
It is where a student studies for one course but gets two certificates from two different
14. What kind of competitions are available at CQ Breyer?
Many skills competitions and sports competitions are among our three centres to develop a competitive healthy environment. The best students are also sent to regional and state skills competitions organised by the Department of Skills Development and othet external bodies. The college also encourages and supports students to participate in all kinds of cultural or sports competitions.
15. Does CQ Breyer organise graduations?
Every year Cq Breyer roup conducts a graduation ceremony in a reputed 5 star Hotel. The speciality of CQ Breyer graduation is that parents accompany the graduate on the stage to receive the scroll.

The graduation is followed by a fun filled competition prize giving ceremony and entertainment events in the evening.
16. What kind of Student Support Services does the college provide?
To ensure success for its students and to facilitate a conducive learning environment for them, Breyer offers the following student Services:

1. Accommodation
2. In house hands-on training
3. International Student Office (ISO)
4. Student Counseling Service (SCS)
5. Job Placement Service (JPS)
6. Career Guidance Service (CGS)
7. Positive Thinking and Interpersonal Skills
8. Language Proficiency Skills 9. Project Management Skills
10. Industrial Placement and Training(IPT)
11. Parent Teacher Student Interactive Session
12. Graduation
13. Orientation Programme
14. Competitions
17. When are  the intakes in a year?
There are 4 intakes in annually. The intakes are in January, March, May and September.
18. What teaching facilities are available in the college?
CQ Breyer group of Colleges include up-to-date teaching and learning facilities, which are continuously up¬graded in line with the current development of education and training needs.
19. What kind of learning environment is provided by the college?
The entire college is equipped with air-conditioned lecture rooms, resource centres, computer or multimedia laboratories (Application lab, Hardware lab and Software Labs), Portfolio Rooms, Conference/Examination hall or Auditorium and mock rooms such mock office, mock F&B room, Mock kitchen, electrical and electronic workshops and suraus. Our resource centre also houses a manual and online library.