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Since its formation in 200, more than 5500 students have graduated with Various Skills certificates and diplomas. They are now well placed in their respective industry commanding good salaries. Upon graduation, getting a job has never been difficult for them. Today CQ Breyer graduands are in high demand for their excellent positive work ethics and dedication to work.

Graduation Moment

Graduation Moment

4th Graduation

8th Graduation

8th Graduation

10th Graduation

11th Graduation


Every year a grand graduation ceremony is held at premier hotels to celebrate the success of Breyer students. Students receive their scrolls from distinguished personalities amidst much joy and jubiliation. During the ceremony as a special appreciation to the parents for educating their child , they too join them on stage to receive the scrolls. Thus putting on record, their dedication and sacrifice in their children’s development. The graduation ceremony is followed by a grand gala dinner, and fellowship. The students express their gratitude to their parents and teachers through a heart rendering entertainment of music, dances, songs and skits.

Graduating Class 1

Graduating Class 2

Graduating Class 3

Graduating Class 4

Graduating Class 5